Eleanor Millard Glass
Eleanor Millard



Driven by the pursuit of powerful imagery, Melbourne-based printmaker Eleanor Millard explores line, form and shape in her latest body of work, Alignment.

‘I’ve called this collection Alignment with the hope that the imagery I’ve created resonates with people, is timeless and keeps on giving long after the show has ended,’ Eleanor says.

This collection, which consists of 12 pieces silk-screened, hand stencilled or freely done by hand, will exhibit at The Hub General Store. All works are limited editions of 10.

Museum-grade framing hand-finished in blackwood (brown), beeswax (natural) or stained black (black).

Size refers to unframed work - 560mm H x 490mm W

** Contact The Hub General Store team for additional information | Lead time : 3-4 weeks.

** In-store Pick up only.