Epicurean Bench Scrapers


Epicurean Bench Scrapers are perfect for scraping and scooping as well and doubles as a great dough knife.

Don’t just scrape by in the kitchen. Get the right tool for the job. The Epicurean Scraper helps you scoop up chopped fruits and veggies or neatly scrape them from your cutting board into a bowl or pan with ease. This versatile utensil also is great for quick chopping, pastry decorating, and dozens of other applications. The Scrapers are made with 3/16 inch material.

Handle dough with ease or simply enjoy food preparation tasks made easy with the Epicurean Bench Scraper.

Epicurean Bench Scrapers are made from durable natural wood composite material, making it resistant to unwanted flavours, odours, and is naturally anti-bacterial for the perfect kitchen assistant.

Measures - 10 x 15cm. Eco friendly and Dishwasher safe.

Made in the USA.