Goliath - The Boy Who Was Different by Ximo Abadía
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In Goliath - The Boy Who Was Different always knew that he was different. He was so much bigger and stronger than any of his friends or family.

Tired of feeling out of place he goes on a journey to find a place where everyone looks like him - a place where he belongs. Out in the big world he meets the sea, the sun and the moon who help Goliath realise that everyone is different and this is what makes us special, no matter how we look.

Critically acclaimed author and illustrator Ximo Abadía explores concepts of boyhood, growing up, learning, and the complexities we all face in search of our place.

Abadía's vibrant colours and distinctive modern style invites a new reading of a traditional story. Goliath is a tale that is sweet, funny and utterly charming.

Written and illustrated by Ximo Abadía.