Hasami Porcelain Planter Gloss Grey


Hasami Planter Gloss Grey is made using traditional glazing technique which blends locally sourced porcelain with clay. Its features clean lines and a glossy texture - firmer and sharper than earthenware, yet comfortable to the touch of the hands and lips. There is a distinctly gentler and more organic feel to the ware than that of regular porcelain.

The inspiration behind the stacking mechanism, and the functionality of nesting, come from tiered boxes - traditional lacquer ware - used in Japanese cuisine.

Hasami Planter Gloss Grey are based on fixed module with set diameters, so they can be stacked freely and store easily, making them ideal for the modern home with limited space.

Due to the nature of the glaze, actual colour may vary slightly.

Plate is sold separately - Hasami plate gloss grey XS/S

Made in Hasami, Japan.