Hasami Porcelain Teapot Tall


Hasami Teapot (Tall) - a beautiful minimalistic design by Japanese Hasami Porcelain. It comes with a large stainless steel micro-perforated strainer that allows tea leaves or herbal infusions to fully expand for maximum flavour. Additionally, the lid has a notch for a teabag string, so it doesn't fall into the teapot during steeping.

Hasami Teapot Tall has a capacity of 500ml, is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Hasami Porcelain melds tradition with modern design - through its emphasis on clean lines, a matte texture and a traditional glazing technique which blends locally sourced porcelain with clay. The charm of Hasami Porcelain lies in the texture - firmer and sharper than earthenware, yet comfortable to the touch of the hands and lips. There is a distinctly gentler and more organic feel to the ware than that of regular porcelain.

The products are based on fixed module with set diameters, so they can be stacked freely and store easily, making them ideal for the modern home with limited space. Each component is multi-functional - whether it be the lids that can double as coasters or plates that can be repurposed as trays.

Due to the nature of the glaze, actual colour may vary slightly.

Made in Hasami, Japan.