Heist Chocolate Bars 80g


Heist is a tiny independent chocolate maker in Cardiff, Wales, specialising in micro-batches of stone-ground chocolate using single origin, organic cocoa beans. Each batch of beans is turned into exceptional chocolate by Mikey, who sorts, roasts, cracks, winnows, grinds, refines, tempers and moulds every bar before hand-foiling and stitching them into custom envelopes featuring designs by amazing artists. “It’s a long process with lots of different steps and can be, at times, a massive pain in the bum", says Mikey, "Luckily, there’s a bunch of chocolate at the end to make it all worth it!”

Heist chocolate is crafted with organic Antsamala cacao from the MAVA plantation in Madagascar, a sought-after workplace that pays its team a good salary with health insurance, transport, solar-powered housing and access land to grow their own staple goods.

Made in Wales