Kinto Sepia Mug


Bring a nostalgic warmth to your home with the Sepia glass, Cup (270ml) Mug (340ml)  from Kinto. Sepia cup is made from microwaveable and dishwasher-proof brown-tinted glass. The slim handle gives it a cosy feel, and makes carrying your drink around a breeze.

Made to easily stack, these cups are perfect for saving space in any cupboard or for storing out in the open.

They are made from sturdy and durable glass that can easily withstand years of hard use without breaking, thanks in part to their thick bottoms. Additionally, the thin lip is a pleasure to drink out of and is comfortable for anyone using it.

Kinto Sepia Mug 270ml measures - D 8 x H 6.5cm

Kinto Sepia Mug 340ml measures - D 8 x H 8cm

Microwave & dishwasher safe. Heat-resistant glass.

Designed in Japan.