Ladolea Gift Pack Organic Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar 200ml


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This beautiful gift set by Landolea makes the perfect gift.

The multi-award winning olive oil are 100% single varietal and each oil is produced from a different variety of olives grown exclusively in the northern region of the Peloponnesian peninsula.

The Ladolea organic Balsamic Vinegar with bergamot is a unique combination of red vinegar and grape syrup from the famous Agiorgitiko grape, flavoured with natural bergamot peels.

These are kept in a handcrafted terracotta amphora which is inspired by the rich history of the Corinthian region in Greece, home to an ancient pot dated to 700 B.C called the Aryballos. The opaque surface of the amphora prevents the light from penetrating, which allows to preserve its exceptional aromas.

These handmade pots were made to be refilled

Also available in 500ml Refil Tin Can and Balsamic Vinegar glass bottle

Made in Greece