LIFE Stationery Japanese Paper 'Airmail' Writing Pad Plain B5
LIFE Stationery


LIFE Stationery Japanese Paper 'Airmail' Writing Pad Plain B5 is a delightful set of Japanese paper designed for personal correspondence to both send and receive.

This 50 sheet (100 pages) pad of high-quality, feather-resistant paper pays homage to the early days of airmail, when lightweight onionskin paper was used to save every gram of weight possible. The thin, translucent paper is very similar to tracing paper, which allows the use of the included guide sheet to ensure your writing stays in neat, straight lines.

The guide sheet is printed on one side with horizontal lines spaced approximately 9 mm apart and printed on the other side with vertical lines spaced approximately 10 mm apart.

Japanese Paper 'Airmail' Writing Pad Plain B5 measures 18 x 25cm, and designed to be sent with LIFE's matching C6-size Air Mail Envelopes.

LIFE Japanese Paper is handmade Japanese Stationery of the highest quality, produced just outside of Tokyo by a small team, just as it was when the Company was founded in 1946.

Handmade in Japan.