Lorenzo Organic Olive Oil No 3. 500ml


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lorenzo N° 3, PDO Valli Trapanesi 500 ml

From the best fruits of Central Sicily, like many precious emeralds hanging from the tree branches, we get this unique olive oil, a product of the faithfulness for organic farming and love for tradition. The result of so much scrupulous attention is Lorenzo N°3, a precious extra virgin olive oil of a mild fruity flavour and a well rounded taste with light peppery finish. Obtained exclusively by Biancolilla olives. Excellent.

The result is a product with a very strong personality, with the typical fragrance that recalls the fresh fruit and with a pleasant almond aftertaste.

Dedicated to three generations of the Barbera family, this Lorenzo line represents the supreme synthesis of Manfredi Barbera e Figli's extra virgin olive oil production: the perfected sum of all the values that have always inspired the company, as well as the natural propensity for innovation and cutting-edge technology at the Custonaci mill.

Fragrance: Spicy with a persistent herbaceous flavour.

Taste: Intense fruity flavour, well rounded taste with green tomato and bitter almond finish.

Culinary use: Ideal is on all seafood, on vegetables crudités and with fresh cheeses.


Made in Italy