Malta by Simon Bajada


Malta: Flavours of the Mediterranean is a richly photographed cookbook which takes you to the captivating archipelago between Sicily and the North African coast, with 70 recipes showcasing the country's vibrant Mediterranean cuisine. Many empires have influenced the Maltese kitchen over the centuries, leaving a seductive blend of Arab, French, Italian and English flavours.

The result is a balance of raw agrarian produce, fruits of the sea, and well-honed technique against a backdrop of breathtaking rocky outcrops and spectacular blue water. In this beautiful ode to Maltese cooking, author Simon Bajada (Baltic, The New Nordic) captures the everyday food of Malta for the home cook, including dishes such as Ftira, a flattened sourdough bread loaf drenched in tomato with tuna capers and olives; Aljotta, a hearty fish stew; and Bigilla, a broad bean paste used as a delicious dip. Malta is a one-way ticket into the heart of one of Europe's most captivating hidden gems.

Publisher Hardie Grant