Marvis Toothpaste 85ml


Marvis toothpastes are known for their original and distinctive flavours, turning a daily act into a simple pleasure of life and taste.

From tingling liquorice to subtly spicy ginger, each toothpaste will invigorate the senses from the first taste while keeping your teeth plaque free and squeaky clean.

The classic packaging is a gorgeous statement of elegance to any bathroom.

Marvis toothpaste is created using a long-standing traditional method with high quality ingredients. The toothpastes have a rich, smooth texture that enhances the intensity of the flavour, creating a refreshing whitening paste and prevents both decay and fights tartar.

Marvis is a fluoride-based Toothpaste (85ml), a low foaming and produced with non-drying formulation.

Made in Florence, Italy.