Midori MD Paper Pad Blank


Midori MD Paper Pad (Blank), is carefully designed for writer's comfort. This pad allows you to write down the stream of ideas that pop up in your head in any position you like.

This pad has an original design with the pages glued along both the vertical and horizontal edges for a sturdy design. Write on it vertically or horizontally and simply tear off the page easily with its cut edge to keep writing.

The pad is cut in one corner, so that you can grip just the right part of the paper when turning the page. The pages are unruled to provide total freedom when putting your ideas on paper, whether you’re writing or sketching.

With original double-edge binding and a thick mount, the Midori MD Paper Pad (Blank) is steady enough to take notes easily even while standing. This paper is adopted for writability and is fountain pen friendly. It prevents smearing or bleeding through easily.

This pad features 90 pages and is available in two sizes, a handy, portable A5 size and an A4 size that can be used together with documents or a notebook. 

Made in Japan.