Mi Goals Monthly Desk Pad A3


A desk pad is a fantastic tool to get you through a productive day or week, and this new monthly desk pad from MiGoals will help you stay a step ahead of yourself!

The Monthly Desk Pad is divided into many useful sections - one for each day of the month, plus one section dedicated to your 'monthly focus' to track your monthly habits, and space to record how you want to feel for that month. Each day of the week has space to record the date and that day's activities, plus on the right-hand side there is room to record the 'quote of the month', what you are grateful for, your top 3 goals for that month, your top 10 list of things you'd like to do or achieve that month, and spaces to record special places, experiences or moments for that month. At the bottom of each page you can also track 3 habits for that month.

Designed in Australia