Nagao Kanekoma Folding Knife Aogami Brass
Nagao Kanekoma


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This Nagao Kanekoma Folding Knife Aogami Brass , is made of a double-edged V-shaped blade, which can be used either side, regardless of dominant hand.

The blade is laminated with Aogami blue, the highest grade of steel, resulting in an exceedingly sharp and durable knife. The brass casing and the double-edged Aogami blue steel blade complement each other perfectly, resulting in a very elegant and exquisite knife.

Established in 1894 in Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture. Considered to be Japan’s first ironware town. Nagao Kanekoma has made Higonokami knives for more than 120 years. The handcrafted knife-making skills have been passed down through five generations.

Today these folding knives are used as utility knives, in woodworking and even in the kitchen or for food at camping.

Aogami Blue high Carbon Steel, 3mm thickness.

Folding Knife Aogami Brass measures approx. 12cm (closed).

** All Higonokami knives show some marks that have occurred during manufacturing.

Medium - Blade length 72mm. Total length 165mm. Weight 41g.

Large - Blade length 74mm. Total length 172mm. Weight 53g.

Hand-forged in Japan.