Navir Stellarscope


Navir have been producing educational toys since 1968.

Stellarscope is a precision engineered instrument with ‘retro’ styling appeal, providing a map of the night sky, labelling major stars and constellations (has both northern and southern hemisphere versions included plus field of views for different latitudes).

Easy to use – Each section rotates separately from the others. Line up the month and date section (left section) with the time (middle section) by rotating the sections till you have the current date and time lined up with the white markings meeting.

Hold the scope vertically with the poles aligned correctly (east facing east, west facing west). Look through the eyepiece and adjust the focus (move eyepiece in/out) till the map can be clearly seen. Compare with the visible night sky to identify and name stars.

A torch is included for use when there is not enough light to view the image clearly. Just shine the torch light onto the end opposite the eyepiece so that the star map is visible. Can be used to track the passage of particular stars and constellations across the sky. Covers every day/night of any year.

The stellarscope parts are easy to disassemble and reassemble to change latitude adaptors and hemispheres.

Made in Italy.