Nuppu Baby Set


The Baby series consists of a mug cup, bowl, plate, bib and spoon. Special care has been taken to create rounded, gentle shapes and sizes that fit the child’s body. Also, since babies do not eat a lot of food in one sitting, the dishes can be used to save leftovers. For example, the plate is designed so that it can also be used as a lid for the bowl. The designs combine usability with elegance.

Ceramics - We strive to make simple designs that are easy for children to use. Based on soft forms, our mug cups have two handles, making them easy to drink from. “As children grow up, they grow out of their tableware.” Though this has long been the prevailing view, Nuppu is distinguished by the fact that even after children grow bigger and stronger, they can continue using the tableware. For example, the bowls and plates can be used as serving dishes for older children and adults.

Bib - We created an original bib, made of PVC-coated cotton, for children who are just starting to use dishes. The bibs are also safe to use on your child’s mouth. The subdued design comes in colours that match the dishes.

Spoon - Children quickly become attached to our spoons, made of warm wood and well-suited to small hands. Also, the spoons don’t make any clatter when used together with ceramic dishes.

Warranty - Nuppu tableware is made of ceramic, not plastic. In this disposable era, long-term thinking and sustainability are essential, and it is vital that children learn to value things. Fostering this sense of care is even more important when something is breakable. That’s why you are welcome to return any dishes that break during the warranty period at no extra cost. The warranty period is 3 years, during which you can replace a broken ceramic product with the same model once.

Made in Japan.