Jose Gourmet Octopus in Olive Oil and Garlic
Jose Gourmet


Captured in the North East and Eastern and Central Atlantic, our octopus is mixed with two essential ingredients: olive oil and garlic, which give it a special aroma, keeping its original flavour unaltered. With low calories, the octopus is rich in vitamin B12, an active nutrient for brain function and memory performance.

Jose Gourmet brand goes off the beaten track by combining quality and food design. It offers the best of Portugal by meticulously selecting the origin of its products and packaging them in colourful illustrations by Portuguese designers.

Their producer is one of the oldest canning factories companies in Portugal. Their canned fish is manufactured by the traditional "pre-cooked" method, exclusively with fresh fish and by following conscious criteria the production ''in season'', in which the fish is considered in its best quality and flavour.

Made in Portugal.