Pentel Mechanical Drafting Pencils


Founded in Japan in 1947 and Australia in 1967.

Pentel has supplied the world with the highest quality writing and art products for decades. We are a leader in innovation with a commitment to excellence.

Pentel invented rollerball technology, the smoothest way to express ideas. Pentel pioneered graphite lead, and our Super Hi-Polymer Lead is the market leader. 

Their mechanical pencil inventions remain the hallmark of the industry.

• Tried and trusted features

• Expertly engineered for drawing, drafting or writing

• Ideal for precision and accuracy

• Consistent line width

• Supplied with 6 Super Hi-Polymer HB refill leads, plus replaceable eraser

• Available in P203 _0.3mm / P200 _0.5mm / P200 _0.7mm / P206 _0.9mm

• Uses Z2-1 Refill eraser

Made in Japan