Rohema Two Tone Block with Guiro End
Rohema Percussion


Rohema Two Tone Block with Guiro End combines the playing styles of ratchet (guiro) and tubular drum (tone block).

So you can create the characteristic ratcheting sound by running the mallet over the grooves of the sound box on one side. But you can also "drum" two different tones with the mallet

Rohema Two Tone Block with Guiro End is held in the middle, to the left and right of it are the two sound bodies. The instrument is made from local beech wood, refined with a wafer-thin layer of varnish. The nature of this instrument makes this instrument particularly interesting for children, as they can try out the various types of sound.

Also suitable for children from 3 years old - Complies with European standard EN 71 on the safety of children's toys 

Rohema Percussion is a family business specialising in the production of mallets and percussion since 1888. 

Made in Germany.