Schafwolle Socks


Leuchtfeuer-Strickwaren is one of a few German companies producing traditional maritime garments.

The Story Behind the Brand -

For more than 60 years Leuchtfeuer Strickwaren has been producing knitwear in Germany for sailors. The Leuchtfeuer Strickwaren company is a family business and was founded in 1956 by Adolf Grohmann and his wife. Leuchtfeuer knitwear specialises primarily in troyer - marine style pullovers. The company was responsible for hand knitting the famous 'Beacon Sweater' and a small range of caps and socks worn by fisherman and mariners of the time and since then, has taken this quality and aesthetic into your everyday wardrobe.

Mid-calf thick rough knitted socks. 100% virgin sheep wool Thick, heavy weight. Suitable with boots or wearing around the house Available in two sizes and thre colours; Black, Navy, Grey EU 35-38, 39-41

Care Instructions: Leuchtfeuer Strikwaren wool pieces can be dry cleaned, washed by hand, or with a gentle machine wash at 30°C or cooler using a mild wool wash detergent. Do not use the tumble dryer, instead wring out any excess water with a dry towel and lay flat and reshape the wool where necessary.

Made in Germany