Senz Umbrella


Stay safe and dry whatever the weather with the striking design and impressive construction of senz's Mini Foldable Storm Umbrella.


Compact and convenient to carry with you wherever you go, senz's Mini Foldable Storm Umbrella sports an asymmetrical design that makes it more aerodynamic, meaning it can resist winds of up to 80km/h without turning inside out. On sunnier days, senz is still there to protect you, with a tightly-woven fabric providing SPF 50+ protection.

This umbrella also features an automatic open/close function, as well as eyesavers to protect those around you. 


The senz° XXL is the largest umbrella in the Senz Range. Two people can fit underneath it – how cosy is that? The aerodynamic shape allows the umbrella to float through the wind as if it was born to do so. The senz° Eyesavers protect your own eyes and those of the people around you. And the frame is made from high-quality materials: for instance, the shaft is constructed from fibreglass. This provides you not only with great strength, but also with an impressive appearance and sense of craftsmanship. This makes the XXL a unique long umbrella. It’s the ultimate bodyguard among storm umbrellas!

Designed in the Netherlands