Serax - Misty Jug No.4 by Anita Le Grelle


As a visual protest against traditional jugs and carafes, which, according to Anita Le Grelle, are often dull and far too straight, the quirky designer created a series of jugs with a special form, turning them into eyecatchers on any table.

Anita Le Grelle was born and raised in Antwerp, where she also gained her degree in graphic design. After working in advertising for a while, she moved to London with her family. While raising her kids there, she also attended sculpture classes at the Royal College of Art until achieving a diploma there too in 2000. For years, her works have been on display at numerous exhibitions in Belgium and London.

Size: L18 x W14.5 x  H12.5cm. 

Capacity 1 L

Not suitable for dishwasher

Designed in London