Serax - Pure Cookware by Pascale Naessens Oval Oven /Serving


Pascale Naessens is a best-selling culinary author in Belgium. She is a leading voice for pure and healthy eating. A number of her books have been translated into French, English, German and Chinese. Her first book, in which she explains her food philosophy, was published in 2010. Her focus is on a natural way of eating, more a lifestyle than a diet. She is also a qualified restaurateur and took a number of culinary courses ranging from macrobiotic cooking to classes in top restaurants.

Her encounter with the Tunisian Sabiha marked the beginning of her fascination with ceramics. She embarked on her own studies and attended numerous courses on ceramics, glazing and firing techniques. She created a ceramic tableware line in her own workshop and took her prototypes to Serax. This collaboration resulted in the ‘Pure’ stoneware collection and more recent the Pure cookware .

“Pure” embodies authenticity and warmth. It is based on organic lines and is made from natural materials. This oval black earthenware oven dish is part of Pascale Naessens’s Pure Cookware collection and comes in various sizes.

The volume and shape make these oven dishes so distinctive. Pascale likes to use a lot of vegetables in her recipes, which is why she wanted to create a range of pots that were wide and large enough for cooking vegetables.

Finish varies from piece to piece.

Small 24 x 16 x 4

Medium 30 x 21 x 5 

Large 37 x 26 x 6

Designed in Belgium