Serax - Surface Casserole Camogreen by Sergio Herman


The Surface Casserole (Camogreen) for Serax collection by master chef Sergio Herman from Zeeland features a sturdy and timeless look and an innovative design that is perfectly attuned to the present. The collection is very extensive: every size has its own function, every detail adds value, and the look makes it complete!

Cast iron pots with an unyielding Camogreen glazing that can withstand the highest of temperatures and retain the heat for a long time, so that the flavours can be fully absorbed. Sergio Herman Casserole (Camogreen) is suitable for all heat sources, from gas cooker to ceramic hobs.

With lids that not only boast a sleek, contemporary design, but also an ingenious and unique system to moisten a stew or simmer dish with condensation, so that the dish can reduce without drying up.

Dishwasher/ Microwave safe - No