Serax - Surface Oven Dish Camogreen by Sergio Herman


Sergio Herman Oven Dish Camogreen is durable, timeless and sturdy. 

The robust cast-iron roasters require a look that does justice to the material. The choice to let the material be 'itself' on the outside, rough and unpolished, creates a powerful contrast with the smoothly polished interior.

The unyielding glazing can withstand the highest temperatures and retains the heat for a longer time so that the flavours can be fully absorbed. 

This Sergio Herman Oven Dish Camogreen will make a real impact when presented on the dining table.

The ‘Surface’ collection by Sergio Herman has been extended to a full range of pots and pans in various sizes - handy and compact when cooking for only yourself or 2, or large pots when guests are joining at the dining table.

Suitable for all heat sources, from gas cooker to ceramic hobs.