Taylor and Smith Whisky Single Malt - Bourbon Barrel
Taylor and Smith


Taylor and Smith Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky - Bourbon - the barrel that aged their whisky was previously used to mature Tasmanian Bourbon.

Nose: Choc orange, hints of rose water, fresh rain, Jelly baby, carrot cake, coffee cake, frangipani, vanilla, passionfruit
Palate: Mud cake, spice, candied orange, raspberry, almond lollies, malt, biscotti
Finish: Burnt toffee, coffee, demerara sugar, date glaze, caramel.

Their process is slow, careful, nuanced and local. At their distillery they hand mill all Tasmanian malted barley; mash; ferment with their unique yeast profile and distil with direct firing. They use only the highest quality barrels to match their carefully crafted spirit; smelling, tasting and refining as it matures to ensure the best flavour.

Subtle caramelisation provides warmth and depth, and their Whisky takes on the character of an individual barrel, evoking the spirit of Tasmania, the seasons and the sun.

Ingredients - Tasmanian grown malted barley, pristine snow meltwater and their unusual yeast profile.

Awards - First Place in Dark Spirits at the 2021 Dieline Worldwide Package Design Competition.

500ml; Single malt + single cask; Hand numbered. Colourful, reusable display box.

Product of Hobart, Australia.

Proof of age must be shown forĀ purchase & collection. Not available for delivery. Available In-store and In-store pick up only.