The Society Inc Dampier Lantern
The Society Inc


The Society Inc Dampier Lantern 

Stunning white cotton lanterns to add an ethereal & playful atmosphere to any space. The Society inc Dampier lanterns come in a range of sizes and are sold as individual lantern shades (light fittings not included). We recommend using a LED globe with these lantern.

Sizes available (approximate diameter) ;

50cm diameter x 30cm height

70cm diameter x 45cm height

100cm diameter x 70cm height

Due to the hand-made nature of this product, slight variations in dimensions will occur.

FINISH - fabric & cane

WHERE TO USE - indoor

INSTALLATION NOTES - lantern has a wire bar across the top opening to allow for suspension with a light cord. Light cord & fittings not included. Lantern comes collapsed & doesn’t include an internal wire frame – the weight of the lantern will allow it to fall into shape over time.

** The 100cm Dampier is only available for in store pick-up.