Toyo Sasaki Blue HS Stackable Tumblers 200ml (BOX OF 6)
Toyo Sasaki


Toyo Sasaki glass is one of the most recognisable glassware brands in Japan's food service industry. 

They are stackable, hard-wearing, and durable, making them the perfect glass tableware for everyday home use. 

The wide-mouth steps down to a narrow base allowing each glass to be placed on top of one another.

Toyo Sasaki Glass is made from reinforced hard strong (HS) glass for superior safety & durability.

The HS (Hard Strong) Series is their premier brand used in the catering and restaurant industry for over 40 years and was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award.

Box of 6 x 200ml Tumblers

Dishwasher safe. 

Made in Japan.