Tsubota Pearl Queue Lighter


Tsubota Pearl have manufactured lighters in Japan since 1952. From that day forward till today they have had only one goal in mind – to pay great attention to both originality and quality. All components off their beautiful multi-coloured lighters are made a specialised workshops in and around the Asakusa area of downtown Tokyo.

The 'Queue' design is a slim refillable stick lighter that is easy to refill and uses standard lighter fluid (zippo style).

To Use We probably don’t need to teach you how to use a lighter! Push up the top cap and turn the flint wheel to ignite the wick. The sparks from the flint will ignite the wick providing the flame.

TIP: The flame does not self-extinguish so please ensure you extinguish after use. Closing the cap should suffice.

To Re-Fill You will need to pull the inner lighter gently out from the casing. Turn upside and keep level whilst you saturate the wadding. Please fill very slowly as you need only fill 80% (don’t overfill!)

The wadding will turn from white to a shade of grey. Petrol Lighter

Material: Brass, Steel and Cotton Size: 85 x 8 x 8 mm

Made in Japan

NOTE: We do not ship flammable products internationally.