Waxed Canvas Utility Bag


 The Waxed Canvas Utility Bag operates as a duffel bag, back pack or garden bag.

Made from 16oz waxed canvas with an accordion pocket for your water bottle, short and long pocket for tools or treasures. Thick cotton rope with leather fastenings gives flexibility of use and enables change of handle length with ease. 

Taking care of your waxed canvas: This item is water resistant. However, to care for your waxed canvas item it must be dried out before it’s stored. Mold and mildew love to take up residence in cotton fibers. It will also last longer and work better if it’s cleaned out from time to time. And while our waxed canvas is tougher and much more weather-resistant than untreated canvas, it is still cotton and therefore requires a little extra care to help it last and perform at its best. Storing in a cool dry place where possible.