Lola James Harper #8 The Red Garden of Tata & Jedo
Lola James Harper


Lola James Harper was founded in Paris in 2013 by Rami Mekdachi and the Mekdachi family, Lili, Noé and Celine.

Lola James Harper is a unique concept that translates the most cherished moments, places and friendships into fragrance, design, music and film. Luxury candles and scents capture and share life’s greatest memories from around the world.

Rami names each fragrance after the people or place that inspired it, from tiny cake shops in Barcelona to surfboard workshops by the beach. Each fragrance is designed to evoke an emotional response, and captures precious moments in a form that can be visited again and again.

#8 The Red Garden of Tata & Jedo combines notes of OAKMOSS and CARROT.

"Tata and Jeddo are dear old friends, their garden has red sand filled with lots of green exotic plants… when they water them an amazing smell just fills the air…"

Boxes are 100% recyclable.

Made in France.