Munaris Books
Princeton Architectural Press


Munari's Books - The Definitive Collection of Book Designs by Bruno Munari. 

Italian artist Bruno Munari (1907-1998) made significant contributions to advancements in graphic design, photography, painting, and even teaching, and is recognised throughout the art world as a pioneer in modern visual expression.

Munari considered the book the best medium to communicate his visual design and illustration, employing various bindings, materials and typesetting techniques, to the point that Pablo Picasso even called him "the Leonardo of our time".

Munari's Books, is the first English-language monograph to celebrate his remarkable achievements in publishing.

It examines in detail his seventy-year legacy in print, from his pioneering work as a graphic designer and collaborations with major publishers, to his experimental visual projects and innovative contributions to the fields of painting, sculpture, design, photography, and teaching. 

A visual treat from start to finish, printed and bound in hot pink, the book maintains a modern European layout with wide right-hand margins.

 Author - Giorgio Maffei